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Irish Telephone Box on iPhone 5 Case

Irish Telephone Box on iPhone 5 Case

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Sold on Zazzle. This iPhone 5 Case-mate case features a public telephone box of Ireland; a kiosk with cream beige walls and ceiling, and a door with small glass panes and dark green frames with the text in Irish Telefon above the kiosk door. The original phone box upon which this illustration is based is located near the designer's birthplace in Ireland.

One ironic observation is that this case protects a device that has over the years led to the decline of the public telephone in rural and urban Ireland; so its value is particularly poignant to those with an Irish heritage.

Easy to customize with your own initials or name. The iPhone 5 Vibe version is shown, but the design is also on the Case Mate Barely There iPhone 5 Case, other iPhone cases and cases for Android phones, and the iPad Mini. View the design on other cases.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Cool Cases For Your iPhone 5

Here we showcase more of our iPhone 5 case designs at our Zazzle store. All show the Case-Mate Barely There case designs but they can be changed at the click of a button to the Vibe models that incorporate SoundScoop™ technology to amplify the power of your iPhone speaker.

All the cases can be personalised with your name, logo or message, and customized to suit your preferences.


Jump Stunt Bounce Cheerleader iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 Barely There Case-Mate case features a silhouette of a cheerleader in the middle of a jump surrounded collage of the words jump, bounce, dance, stunt, tumble and Cheer in blue, green, red and yellow/orange. There is also a placeholder for your text - your name, your cheerleader team or a promotional message.



Collage of Colorful Saxophones iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 Case-Mate case features a panel of six colorful saxophones in red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange arranged in a tiled pattern. Each saxophone is set in a rectangular background pane with a corresponding hue. There's a placeholder for your name, initials or monogram.

Red Gold Black Butterflies iPhone 5 Case

This cute case features butterflies in a rich pattern of red, gold, black and white on their wings and body. There's a placeholder for your name or initials.


Molly Malone Dublin Ireland iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 Case-Mate case features a close-up of Molly Malone's statue standing in Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland, cast in bronze to celebrate the city's millennium in 1987.

Molly, a beautiful fishmonger, plied her trade on the streets of Dublin but died young of a fever, wears a revealing 17th Century dress. The statue is known locally as The Tart With The Cart, The Dish With The Fish, The Trollop With The Scallops, The Dolly With the Trolley, and The Flirt in the Skirt.

Floral Lemon iPhone 5 Case

An iPhone 5 Case with a modern fresh lemon theme made up from an image of floral petals that are yellow and green. The background is an ivory color. There's a placeholder for a name, initials or monogram.

Executive's Gold Name Plate Effect iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case gives the effect of a rich burgundy leather cover with a gold or brass name plate for a business executive to show off his or her name and position.

The design features the image of two plates in brass with beveled edges that appear to raise the plates above the surface of the dark red burgundy leather. The name plates are customizable with your choice of name and position printed on the plates.


Black Vinyl Record Effect on iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case will jog a memory of the days of vinyl. The case gives the impression of a vinyl record from the era of the record player wrapped around its surface. The disk's surface is black with light reflected off the spiral groove and a center label in yellow and red surrounding the hole about which the record rotates.

Keep Calm and Carry Om iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 Case-Mate case design merges together the concept of the motivational poster (Keep Calm and Carry On) produced by the British government's Ministry of Information in 1939 during the beginning of World War II with the mantra of Om (or Aum) that brings those who meditate closer to the cosmos and our existence; a combination that is intended to result in a state of calm in two very different ways.

Five Colorful Saxophones on an iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 Case-Mate Barely There case features a panel of 5 colorful saxophones in blue, beige,black, red and green arranged in a line, on an ivory background There's a placeholder for your name, initials or monogram in an elegant script. Use the 'Customize' button to personalize. You can remove the ivory background layer and change the background color to suit. Use the 'options' to select the Vibe model.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Patriotic Flag of Ireland Diagonal iPod Touch Case

A Patriotic Flag of Ireland On The Diagonal iPod Touch Case

New at Zazzle. This iPod Touch Case-Mate case features the Irish tricolor, the flag of Ireland with its colors of green, white and orange. The unusual design is eye-catching insofar as the color bands of the flag are draped diagonally across the case's surface. There's a placeholder for name, initials or monogram that runs diagonally along the case.

Easy to customize. Replace the text with your own or remove. Use the Customize It button on the product page to fully personalize the design.


Monday, August 13, 2012

A Cool Football T Shirt on a T Shirt for Kids - Confused?


A Cool Football T Shirt on a T Shirt for Kids

An ideal birthday or Christmas gift for the young footballer in the family. It features the image of a shirt and a black and white soccer ball on the front of a T Shirt.  There's text you can personalise and the shirt color can be easily changed.

We've also a similar design that features a rugby or American football. Here it is on a sports hat, but it too is available on a T shirt and other gifts for the football or rugger fan. Click on the link below it for more gifts with the design.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lucky Irish Shamrock Playing Cards

Lucky Irish Shamrock Clover Playing Cards

Deal a lucky hand with a custom deck of cards featuring a lucky four leaf clover or shamrock. The four leaves of this shamrock, centered on the back of each card, are shiny gold and green. The background color is green (you can change it). The placeholder text says "Dave's Lucky Deck" but you can change this.

Easy to customize. Buy a pack for a loved one, or buy in bulk with volume discount and re-sell to support your business or community cause.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

St Patrick's Day Harp of Ireland Gifts

Recently sold on Zazzle! Buttons with a large shiny Irish harp in green chrome with a green background.

Use on St Patrick's Day, or any other day of the year to celebrate.

We don't have any customer reviews yet for this badge, but you can read some of the reviews by customers who bought other buttons and badges at Zazzle at the end of the post.

View More Harps, Shamrocks and Gifts For St Patrick's Day

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Reviews by customers who bought other buttons and badges at Zazzle

5/5 Great!!! 
by Jessie   12/10/2011

About the product:
I thought this product turned out fantasic!!! Zazzle really knows how to make their stuff!! I recomend this to any sports fans.

About the print:
The printing turned out pretty good. But two of the buttons didn't have their saying in the middle of the button.

5/5 Christmas button 
by Katherine 1/1/2012

About the product:
Bought several versions of christmas button for co-workers, they loved all of them, including this one.

About the print:
Color bright and well printed.

2/5 SC Orange Team review - Round Button. 
by RM Honolulu, HI, United States 1/24/2012

About the product:
I was satisfied with the print quality, but the graphics was off center thought the print is centered in the png sent and what the website showed in design and product view.

About the print:
Graphic quality was as expected. Though the graphics is centered in the website in design and product view the button I received was off center. This was noticable and slightly disappointing, but the printing quality was excellent. I checked my graphics that I sent and it all appears centered, so I'm scratching my head how to fix. Question for quality control is this my error (graphics) or a production error (making of button)?