Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Patriotic Flag of Ireland Diagonal iPod Touch Case

A Patriotic Flag of Ireland On The Diagonal iPod Touch Case

New at Zazzle. This iPod Touch Case-Mate case features the Irish tricolor, the flag of Ireland with its colors of green, white and orange. The unusual design is eye-catching insofar as the color bands of the flag are draped diagonally across the case's surface. There's a placeholder for name, initials or monogram that runs diagonally along the case.

Easy to customize. Replace the text with your own or remove. Use the Customize It button on the product page to fully personalize the design.


Monday, August 13, 2012

A Cool Football T Shirt on a T Shirt for Kids - Confused?


A Cool Football T Shirt on a T Shirt for Kids

An ideal birthday or Christmas gift for the young footballer in the family. It features the image of a shirt and a black and white soccer ball on the front of a T Shirt.  There's text you can personalise and the shirt color can be easily changed.

We've also a similar design that features a rugby or American football. Here it is on a sports hat, but it too is available on a T shirt and other gifts for the football or rugger fan. Click on the link below it for more gifts with the design.