Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Irish Telephone Box on iPhone 5 Case

Irish Telephone Box on iPhone 5 Case

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Sold on Zazzle. This iPhone 5 Case-mate case features a public telephone box of Ireland; a kiosk with cream beige walls and ceiling, and a door with small glass panes and dark green frames with the text in Irish Telefon above the kiosk door. The original phone box upon which this illustration is based is located near the designer's birthplace in Ireland.

One ironic observation is that this case protects a device that has over the years led to the decline of the public telephone in rural and urban Ireland; so its value is particularly poignant to those with an Irish heritage.

Easy to customize with your own initials or name. The iPhone 5 Vibe version is shown, but the design is also on the Case Mate Barely There iPhone 5 Case, other iPhone cases and cases for Android phones, and the iPad Mini. View the design on other cases.